Scholarship Recipients


Take a look at some of Honor Society's recent Scholarship Recipients. For currently available scholarships, please go to our Scholarship Directory.


Ashley Hamilton - $1,000 Community Service Scholarship Recipient

My name is Ashley Hamilton and am studying criminal justice at Portland State University. I volunteer with Clackamas County Juvenile Department in their Restorative Justice Program. I specifically work with fifteen youth (ages 14-18) in the job-training program, Green Corps. In this program, youth learn barista training, food... Read more View Recipient Profile

Jacob Brackmann - Study Abroad Scholarship Receipient

Living in the eastern half of the United States for my entire life, I am accustomed to the practices, mindsets, beliefs, and lifestyles of the people around me. Not only am I familiar with my surroundings, but I am comfortable with them as well. Given the opportunity to study abroad, I believe my decision-making processes, problem... Read more View Recipient Profile

Michael Aukskalnis - Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship

My name is Michael Aukskalnis, I am a sophomore majoring in Chinese, Accounting and Finance at The Ohio State University. I have a passion for studying and learning about business and Chinese language/culture. This scholarship is assisting my family and I to afford out of state tuition. Recieving this scholarship truly shows me... Read more View Recipient Profile

Jaime Williams - Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient

My name is Jaime Williams and I am going into my sophomore year at The University of Alabama. I grew up in a small town on the coast of New Jersey, relaxing at the beach, playing soccer and lacrosse, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with my family. Math and science have always come easy to me and I love to be creative... Read more View Recipient Profile

Sandy Baghdy - Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient

They say life can change in a split of a second, and just like that, mine was changed permanently. I was a medical student in Syria; however, during my first year, the civil war started in Syria. As a result, I was forced to leave the country and I came to the United States to continue my long term dream of becoming a physician.... Read more View Recipient Profile

Julia Ondarza Member - Spotlight Scholarship

My name is Julia Ondarza and I am a senior at Texas A&M University. I am majoring in Allied Health and am currently in the process of applying to Physician Assistant school. Aside from my main priority of achieving a high GPA, I also focus on getting involved on campus and in our local community. I am an Aggie Angel which is... Read more View Recipient Profile

David Fonrose - Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship Recipient

My name is David B. Fonrose and I am a graduate student at Kean University mastering in Social Work. I have two semesters remaining before I graduate with my Master’s degree in Social Work in May of 2015. Once I obtain my LSCW, I plan on furthering my education and getting a PhD in Social Work. As the proud recipient of the... Read more View Recipient Profile

Elijah Peters - HonorSociety Study Abroad Recipient

Studying abroad in Germany will be a fantastic and intellectual experience for me. While in Berlin, I will be taking courses on German history, as well as the German language. These courses are pertinent to my interests: I hope to become a professor of Germanic languages and history. In addition to studying, I will also be... Read more View Recipient Profile

Rachel Kendig - Member Spotlight Scholarship Recipient

My name is Rachel Kendig, and I attend the University of Kentucky. I will be a sophomore in the school of engineering this upcoming fall. Specifically, I am studying to be a civil engineer. However, I also adore music and art, so I have taken on an interdisciplinary minor in the arts, which covers art, music, and theater. It is my... Read more View Recipient Profile

Zachary Yarnell - Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient

My name is Zach Yarnell and I am a sophomore Business Administration major concentrating in management at Colorado State University. I am from Castle Rock, Colorado and have pretty much spent my entire life in Colorado, mainly around the Castle Rock area. During my time at CSU, I have been involved in a few different clubs and... Read more View Recipient Profile