DropBox Culture


Dropbox is climbing it's way to the top of the tech world with it's easy-to-use structure and it's ability to simplify and organize work for other organizations. For further information on employee benefits, click here.


What is like to work for Dropbox? The company prides itself on it's culture, making sure to invest time in each and every employee to ensure the maximum amount of happiness and effectiveness. Dropbox does this by:


1. Keeping their employees healthy: Dropbox's benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, life and disability plans, and 401(k) matching. They also offer on-site fitness classes and a wellness reimbursement to use the facility of one's choosing.

2. Helping them do their best work: Dropbox ensures that their employees can focus on the big-picture issues while they work out the details. They have a state of the art cafe available to all their employees that serves lunch and dinner, ergonomic chairs and cutting edge, personalized equipment.

3. Making lives simpler: Need a ride to work? Dropbox has you covered. With the help of a commuter subsidy, employees at Dropbox know no bounds!

4. Balancing life and work: Dropbox is firm in it's belief that it's healthy to have an appropriate work-life balance. Need time off? The company has a generous policy for that.

5. Creating the best work environment: The company has invested a fair amount into creating a harmonious, creative, fun environment for their employees. When their workers are happy, the best results are ensured. There are specialized spaces around the office to take a break every so often.

6. Sharing impact: The company believes in volunteering and many employees like to go out in groups together snd give back to the world, in ways other than the amazing work they're doing.

7. Learning at work: Dropbox is notorious for hosting their "Droptalks," where a speaker comes in to educate and motivate their employees. It also holds classes and training sessions. Want to get better at public speaking? Have you always wanted to learn how to code? Dropbox has you covered.


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