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Contagious Formula For Leadership...One II Gro On

Posted By Natasha Munn, Thursday, December 14, 2017
I have dedicated both my personal and academic time to fostering and contributing to causes that promote greatness in the academic realm. It is my every intention and goal to proceed in academics to the level that will allow me to carry this into my career and personal endeavors upon completion of my education. I am currently presiding as Chair for the Joint Policy Committee for Durham Early Head Start. I conduct the monthly meetings that disclose the budget, policy implementations that will affect the participating families, and I am a representative in the community at round tables, or community events that need representation of the agency. I am an active community advocate with Durham CAN (Congregations & Neighborhoods) we are a large active group that advocate for fair affordable housing, employment that offers livable wages for low income/justice involved community members, and who actively maintain a dialogue with our elected officials to keep them accountable for their agendas pre & post-election. my story doesn't begin here, I am innately created to service humankind; my family consists of educators, sociologists, social workers, ministers, and nurses, all contributors to the helping professions of the world. I do not wish to ride the coat tails of efforts made on behalf of those before me. I would rather pay homage of their sacrifices through trendsetting a trail of contributions of my own, from the paths they have paved for me to do so as a change agent of humanity. I am fueled by my life experience as a single mother of three, coupled with exposure to helping people through examples during my childhood. These seeds were planted by the likes of my great grandfather (deceased), Apostle Robert Orlando Washington of Newport News, Virginia, and great grandmother, Fannie Bates Washington (deceased). Together they erected, and maintained what is now known as a therapeutic residential home for wards of the state. I watched them do this most of my life. My father is a pastor at The United House of Prayer for All People, in St. Louis, MO, leadership is in my DNA. I have a thirty-three-year-old sister who experienced an otherwise medically unexplainable brain stroke two years ago, which pushed me to learn more of advocacy, and policy in medical social work. This drove me back into the classroom after achieving an associate degree in Human Service Mental Health, a push that clarified for me, where I would be most beneficial in giving back to the world. I not only want to serve as a medical social worker but specifically with our veterans that face mental health issues as a result of their commitments to our country, mental health is an area of focus that has been neglected. I would like to be instrumental in changing how our country prioritizes the need to address mental health as a comprehensive, and preventative form of healthcare, not limit those in our community to being reduced to stigmas and stereotypes. To me, leadership relies on behavior, not title. Good leaders listen, follow through on promises, and treat others as they would like to be treated. It may take continued efforts before perfection is obtained, by learning to build trust amongst those you serve, and are serving with, one will dramatically increase their leadership potential, because when you know better you certainly, do better!! One II Gro On:10-4

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